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We believe all humans should have access to the technology that will guide the next generations economy. Allowing  people all over the world to participate and engage in a trustless banking system, which will provide the next steps to build the future.

We at Bgood stand behind the values that built the Cardano blockchain.


Why, we do what we do.

Why stake with Bgood?


Doing our best to provide only the highest level of service to our delegates.


Working on collaborative efforts between us and upcoming NFT projects.


Willing to learn, expand, and adapt as the Cardano ecosystem grows.

How to stake with Bgood.

In your Yoroi / Daedalus / Ledger / Trezor wallet you can access our pool. Go to delegate, copy our pool ID and paste it in the appropriate search bar. Select how much ADA you would like to delegate, and you are all done.



When staking you never have to relinquish control of your ADA nor keep them locked up for a period of time. You can always, spend or sell your ADA whenever you want, risk-free.



Our pool is set up on low power processors running Linux which enables us to transition to Solar battery power completely off the grid. Additionally, we are connected to a robust internet backbone and maintain high speed connectivity to a large number of nodes globally.


We currently have 2 relay nodes with direct connection to our local Block Producer node. All computers are battery backed up to reduce the possibility of any outages. All our systems utilize SSD storage and excess memory capacity above current requirements. We have setup another Block Producer for rapid deployment in the event of a failure in the Primary system.

Secure key storage is maintained with the use of an offline cold computer that is not connected to the internet. Dedicated subnets protected by locked down security groups have been setup to ensure only necessary traffic and ports are enabled.

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